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Mathematics is offered as a subject in the BEd Post-Primary degree. The Mathematics programme introduces the student to a range of Mathematical topics including Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Number Theory, Graph Theory, Modern Geometry and Statistics. The first year foundation course reinforces and extends the student's knowledge of A Level Mathematics (or its equivalent), with an emphasis on understanding and proof, and prepares the way for a rigorous treatment of Linear Algebra and Analysis in second year. In third year, students study Modern Geometry with hands on experience with dynamic geometry software and learn some Elementary Number Theory and Graph Theory and take a module of Statistics. In the final year, students are introduced to some modern day applications of Number Theory and Algebra using Computer Algebra as a modelling/computational tool. Mathematical Education topics are integral to the modules and aim to prepare students to become Mathematics specialists in the Post-Primary School. ICT is an important aspect of the courses. Students develop a facility with graphics calculators and get opportunities to use a variety of mathematical software including Cabri Geometry, Mathematica, Excel and specific post-primary school mathematical software including graph drawing packages.

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