Religious Education Certificate

St Mary’s University College, supported by the Catholic community in Northern Ireland, exists to ensure that there will be an adequate supply of Catholic teachers competent to assist parents in educating their children according to the principles of Catholic education. To assist this aim the College offers a Certificate in Religious Education. This programme may be taken in addition to the BEd and PGCE courses.

The Certificate comprises three main elements:

  • lectures which focus on key issues in biblical studies, theology and catechetics;
  • tutorials which familiarise students with the RE programmes in use in schools and assist them with preparing teaching materials for the teaching of RE in schools;
  • and supervision and direction of students by members of the RE department during periods of school-based work.

The Certificate in Religious Education is an award of St Mary’s University College and is validated by the Church Authority. All those seeking appointment to a permanent teaching position in a maintained primary school will require this certificate or its equivalent.

Religious Education Certificate Photo


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