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Job Title(s)Senior Lecturer
Phone No.+44 (0) 28 9026 8264 
Internal Phone No.ext. 264 


Religious Studies

Short Description

At St Mary’s University College I teach on the Religious Studies programme and the Religious Education Certificate. I deliver courses at undergraduate level for primary and post-primary sectors, as part of their BEd programme and on the Liberal Arts Degree programme. Currently I am involved in the development of an updated Med module on Leadership in Catholic Education.

My academic background is in theology and education. I gained a BEd in Catholic Religious Studies from St Mary’s University College, Belfast, and then completed a Masters in Education, in St Mary’s University College and Stranmillis University College, Belfast.

My academic background is combined with a committed faith perspective and experience in Catholic education across schools, higher education, and parish youth ministry.

My research interests include the following themes: the relationship between theology and education, Catholic Education in Northern Ireland, Religious Education in the special school and bereavement in the primary school. I have published articles on Catholic pedagogy, and religious education.

Additionally, I have been a member of the Irish Episcopal Council for Catechetics and the Religious Education Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland.

Current Research

I am interested in research in the area of religious education in schools, with a particular focus on the teaching and support of children experiencing special educational needs.

Haughey, S. (2015) Spirituality in School: Encouraging Young Faith in Coll, N. (ed) 'Ireland & Vatican II: Essays Theological, Pastoral and Educational’ ISBN: 9781782182764

Haughey, S. (2008) Catholic Religious Education in Northern Ireland in Patricia Kieran and Anne Hession (eds) ‘Exploring Religious Education’, Veritas. ISBN 978-1-84730-132-1

Haughey, S. (2005) Special Needs and the Faith Community in Dr Tony Hanna (ed) ‘Strategies for Building Faith Communities in Schools’, Centre for Education Services Marino Institute of Education. ISBN 1 899 162 29 1

World Meeting of Families Prayer Assembly Resources (for use in Irish Catholic Primary and Post-Primary Schools for the academic year 2017-2018). Veritas. Catholic Schools Website

Presentation workshop Equipping ourselves as parents; remember to put our own oxygen mask on first at Down and Conor Faith and Life Convention in September 2018

Guest panelist at the Down and Conor Faith and Life Convention Faith in the Family September 2017

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