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Commencement Ceremonies


Kavita Thanki, Professor Peter Finn and Laura Bogues

Kavita Thanki, Professor Peter Finn and Laura Bogues


Over seven hundred people attended the recent Commencement ceremonies at St Mary’s to celebrate student success in Religious Education (BEd programme) and Liberal Arts (BA Hons programme).  The outcomes in Irish-medium teacher education were celebrated earlier in the month.  The Commencement booklet is available to be viewed online.

Commencement is a term used by universities in the USA.  St Mary’s has adopted the term because it connects the College to a vision of higher education that is shared with American Liberal Arts Colleges.  There, as at St Mary’s, the institutional emphasis is on providing a very high-quality and holistic student experience with learning and teaching at the core of the mission.


Most Reverend Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor


Most Reverend Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor



The Most Reverend Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor, presided at the Commencement ceremony held on Thursday, 18 June for the award of Certificates in Religious Education (Ecclesia approbante).

He delivered the Commencement address to an audience of BEd students and their family and friends, as well as staff of St Mary’s.  The College Principal, Professor Peter Finn, made an address which spoke about the inspiration of the College’s educational endeavour which is faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ.



St Mary's Principal, Professor Peter Finn with some of the attendee's of the recent Religious Education commencement ceremony


St Mary’s now uses a motto, Fides Scientiae Facultas or Faith in Educational Opportunity, as it defines both our history and our future.

The Religious Education Commencement is very much a family affair.


In the Picture - RE Commencement Ceremony


The Most Reverend Anthony Farquhar presided at the Liberal Arts Commencement on Wednesday, 24 June.  He spoke of the importance that should be attached to life-long learning. This too is a very family-friendly celebration at which the graduands are presented with Higher Education Achievement Records.  The College Principal told the graduands that for employability purposes they require more than a degree and he placed emphasis on the rich profile of other awards and achievements obtained over the three-year programme.


The Most Reverend Anthony Farquhar, Principal Professor Peter Finn and those students who received special recognition at the Liberal Arts Commentment Ceremony


The following students received special recognition:

Student of the Year: Kavita Thanki
International Student of the Year: Ciaran Graham
Entrepreneurship Cup: Laura Bogues
Chengelo Prize: Nathan Hanley

In the Picture - Liberal Arts Commencement Ceremony


Following the Commencement ceremonies at St Mary’s all the graduands attend the Graduation ceremony at Queen’s University on Monday, 6 July.